Finer Feet

Finer Feet Podiatry Clinic in Daresbury specialises in disorders affecting the feet and ankles. Nicki Brown and our team of professional Podiatrists are proud of the quality of care and service we provide. We tailor all your treatments personally and specifically to meet your exact needs and lifestyle.

As professionally qualified Podiatrists we remind our patients that the average person will walk a distance of over 150,000 miles in their lifetime. That’s more than four times around the Earth.

It is easy to forget the vital role our feet play in everyday life, as well as the extremes of temperature they have to endure, not to mention the footwear we squeeze them into. As such our feet and ankles suffer from a lot of wear and tear.  Some people believe that aching feet is just part of growing older, this is not the case. With the help of a professional Podiatrist, a lot can be done to improve comfort, relieve pain and maintain mobility.

If you are suffering from any form of foot pain or cracked heels, callus or corns, nail infections, flat feet problems, bunions or even common conditions like verrucas or athletes foot! call the experts at Finer Feet, your local foot specialist.

You can Contact Us at Finer Feet Podiatry Clinic, part of the Dental Academy Group at Daresbury.