Finer Feet

Finer Feet are well known for their friendly and professional Podiatry service.  We offer a wide range of specialist treatments for all the common foot related complaints, including:

  • Skin disorders – eg athletes foot.
  • Callus, corns, verrucas and warts.
  • Biomechanics, eg flat feet problems, posture, foot position.
  • Gout Symptoms.
  • Arthritis and Plantar (foot) related pain.
  • Bunions.
  • In-growing toenails.
  • Nail infections.
  • Cracked heels.
  • Diabetic foot-care.

Even if you are not sure of the reason for your discomfort, call for an appointment today and one of our expert professional team will be able to analyse your feet, posture and foot structure to create a specialist treatment plan to treat the underlying problem.

If you are suffering from foot pain or discomfort, Contact Us today for an appointment.