Finer Feet

This is a question we are often asked.

“What is the difference between a Podiatrist Clinic and a Chiropodist Clinic?”

The answer often surprises people, as the answer is “Nothing!”

The term Podiatrist is the new modern term for what used to be called a chiropodist, who deals with the common day-to-day foot complaints.  Generally speaking, the term Podiatry is used as it has come to reflect the new and increasing scope of our practice, beyond simple common foot problems.

So we just as easily refer to ourselves as the best chiropodists in Knutsford and Daresbury. Nicki Brown is qualified to treat the more serious and persistent problems as well as the common, day-to-day conditions.

If you are suffering with discomfort or pain in your feet or ankles, why not Contact Us for an appointment today.